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Friday, May  1 -  James Hyland
Saturday, May  2 -  Kristy Kruger/Doug Burr/Nicholas Altobelli
Friday, May  8 -  Smith McKay All Day

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chilis Saturday, January 25 at 8PM chilis

The original and only trippy-swingadelic 1930's rock band on Planet Earth.



“We don’t think of ourselves as a jazz band, we think of ourselves as a 1930s rock band. We just wail”, states Jitterbug Vipers bassist Francie Meaux Jeaux. Raucous and refined, toking and swinging, the Austin-based quartet wafts in a heady bliss of 1930s and 1940s drug culture whenever and wherever it takes the stage. The Jitterbug Vipers specialize in a beloved cult jazz offshoot called “viper jazz,” a screeching U-Turn back to the party where jazz music packed the dance floor and dazzled the audience with brilliant streams of improvisatory musicianship. This musical heritage pulls from the cherished musicality of Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Fats Waller, Cab Calloway, and Slim Galliard.


chilis Thursday, January 30 at 7PM chilis


Classic and contemporary country music with a little blues and rock thrown in.


chilis Friday, January 31 at 8PM chilis


“Lisa Markley has more depth control and beauty to her voice in a live concert setting than most vocalists get in a studio. Driving that voice is a soul of wit and intelligence and a heart of gold.” -Paul Slavens, KERA Dallas

She defies category in pursuit of the perfect song.

Markley has been recording and touring internationally over the last fifteen years as a singer-songwriter and jazz artist, playing shows from Festival Mémoire et Racines in Québec, Canada to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, from Festival Internationale to the Kerrville Folk Festival, from jazz clubs in Seattle to folk shows in Boston, and in house concerts from Bellingham to Cape Cod to Denver to New York City.

Though Lisa Markley’s career as a songwriter blends folk and jazz influences, her recent recording projects have brought her home, focusing her finely tuned vocal talents on the jazz genre. Lisa is signed with the Soona Songs record label, where she has been given the freedom to explore the more intimate forms of jazz song, art song, and to record new songs along side the jazz “standards”.

These days Lisa performs locally with her jazz quartet, (aka “the Ne’er-Do-Wells”), and tours nationally with her husband and partner in musical crime, Bruce Balmer, (Markley & Balmer) doing their own twisted take on original songs and jazz standards. She also hits the road occasionally with the genre-busting folk-ish trio The Malvinas.


chilis Saturday, February 1 at 8PM chilis

...the love child of Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams.


“With Country Music Jesus, Lambert pairs memorable melodies with relatable stories of relationships, heartache, and life experiences with which you’ll connect.” —The Daily Country

“...the love child of Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams” —The Dentonite

Brian Lambert has spent at least a decade paying in honky tonks and juke joints while honing his unique blend of country, rock and folk. With a varied arsenal of songs that often summons Tom Petty as well as Hank Williams, Lambert is not only a dynamic and engaging performer, but also a songwriter’s songwriter. Ok, we’re pretty sure he’s become a master of his craft. His songwriting chops range from the heartfelt and earnest, to the outrageous and humorous. Check out the epic “Country Music Jesus” as great example of the latter. Whenever Brian’s not working on songs or causing a ruckus performing, he enjoys reading Haruki Murakami, watching the Spurs play basketball, and meditating. He currently resides in Denton, Texas, with his wife and two kids.


chilis Thursday, February 6 at 7PM chilis

Chad Stockslager and Christian Rios sing The Everly Brothers



The Everly Brothers were not only among the most important and best early rock & roll stars, but also among the most influential rockers of any era. They set unmatched standards for close, two-part harmonies and infused early rock & roll with some of the best elements of country and pop music. Their legacy was and is felt enormously in all rock acts that employ harmonies as prime features, from the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel to legions of country-rockers as well as roots rockers like Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe (who once recorded an EP of Everlys songs together).

Virtually alone among first-generation rock & roll superstars, the Everlys stuck with no-nonsense rock & roll and remained determined to keep their sound contemporary, rather than drifting toward soft pop or country like so many others. Although their mid-'60s recordings were largely ignored in America, they contained some of their finest work, including a ferocious Top 40 single in 1964 ("Gone, Gone, Gone"). They remained big stars overseas -- in 1965, "Price of Love" went to number two in the U.K. at the height of the British Invasion. They incorporated jangling Beatle/Byrdesque guitars into some of their songs and recorded a fine album with the Hollies (who were probably more blatantly influenced by the Everlys than any other British band of the time). In the late '60s, they helped pioneer country-rock with the 1968 album Roots, their most sophisticated and unified full-length statement.

chilis Friday, February 7 at 8PM chilis


JM Stevens knows a thing or two about making records: at Ear Studio in Austin, he’s guided countless musicians through the perfect take. As rewarding as that studio work is, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for making your own records. It does, however, help you file away moments of enlightenment along the way—a turn of phrase, a tonal balance, a particular mic/amp combo—stashed for later use. And when the time comes to point the microphone at yourself, you weave in those patches of trial and error, and you wind up with a record like Invisible Lines (Chicken Ranch Records). While the songs and production are strong, the way Stevens applies his 10,000 hours from the other side of the glass is what provides nuance to deceptively simple pop numbers. Invisible Lines recalls records from the Jayhawks, Drive-By Truckers, and Uncle Tupelo, blending acoustic, electric, and pedal steel guitars around his smooth, upper tenor vocals. On “Anyway,” Stevens sings: “Like a ride down the back roads I once drove down to escape / You came along and eased my worried mind out of the fray.” With the windows down and the volume up on this record, you’ll likely share that same feeling. Brian Standefer, TexasMonthly.com

chilis Saturday, February 8 at 8PM chilis


For the first time since 2017, Dallas-based beach rock outfit Adam and the Figurines has new material out. With a new song called “Freak Beat,” and a campy video directed by the band’s own Kate Fisher, we’re hoping this is just the beginning of more to come.

The “Adam” of the band’s namesake is Adam Amparan, who, many years ago, was a member of the post-hardcore band At the Drive-In — he played guitar on the band’s eruptive debut album, Acrobatic Tenement. Though certain band members would prefer the average ATDI listener to focus on what they did from In/Casino/Out on, emo scholars like the author of this review will never forget this shit.

Aside from Amparan, the video for “Freak Beat” also stars band members Carli Taylor, Kate Fisher and Clinton Wheeler. The Grindhouse-like video, with its guns, death and a lot of running is seemingly offset by the loose, poppy-psychedelic sound of the track. -CentralTrack.com Song Of The Day


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Matt Tolentino is a dedicated specialist of the sounds of the 1920s and early 1930s. He has been devoted to this music since he was 8 years old, and he has gone on to make this music his life's passion. He specializes in traditional jazz, and leads various groups, ranging in size from the Matt Tolentino Band, on up to the full 18-piece fox trot orchestra, The Singapore Slingers. Matt is no stranger to solo performances either, as he frequently works as a solo pianist and accordionist, in tandem with his vocals. Tolentino's music is authentic, upbeat, appealing to all ages, and above all, it's fun! His musical styles run the gamut from ragtime, to jazz, to polka music... yes, polka music. In addition to hot jazz, he is equally at home with traditional ethnic music of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and the Czech Republic. This expertise has led to Matt's latest endeavor, The Royal Klobasneks, a 7 piece polka band.

chilis Friday, February 14 at 7PM chilis



chilis Saturday, February 15 at 8PM chilis


Legend says inside a shack in the Parisian region, where they practiced a repertoir of American and English blues, Phil Fernandez united his guitars and Bala Pradal’s keyboards. From this union, the group BIG DEZ was born in 1996.

After skimming the bars of the Parisian region for a few years, the call of the sea sent them to the United States where they befriended the artists of Chicago, Austin and even Saint Louis.

In February 2009 Big Dez is selected by Blues on Seine to represent France in the INTERNATIONAL BLUES CHALLENGE in Memphis, Tennessee.

More than twenty years after its creation, Big Dez is now compsed of Phil Fernandez singer and guitar player, Lamine Guerfi on the bass, Rodolphe Dumont on the guitar, Steve Belmont on the drums, Léa Worms on the keyboards et Marc Schaeller on the harmonica.

The group continues to frequent europeen and american festivals, always bringing a lot of energy.

Big Dez’s style is electric blues mixed with humor and melancholy, strongly tinted with funk, soul and rock and roll.


chilis Friday, February 21 at 7PM chilis

If you haven’t caught her act, you’re way behind the times in keeping up with the Texas blues scene.


Ann Armstrong writes intriguing songs, plays a mean guitar, and delivers blues and folk in a voice that sounds like it’s flown to Hell and back on its own wings. -Buddy Magazine

On stage, Dallas’ Ann Armstrong is forceful when she pulls out her acoustic bottleneck slide guitar to play the blues. Ms. Armstrong’s furious, down-and-dirty rendition of Robert Johnson’s ‘Come Into My Kitchen’ – the highlight of her live set – is downright flammable. Ms Armstrong also shares some genuinely catchy pop hooks on original songs such as ‘Stars Go Out” and “Think About the Rain” Why, at times backed by a ticklish flute and her own stellar acoustic guitar, dangerous Ann Armstrong comes across as sweet as sugar. Ms. Armstrong’s live sets are so substantial – extra grit, extra grease, extra sassy slide guitar. -Dallas Morning News

Ann Armstrong’s talents, both as a songwriter and blues performer, are deep and diverse. Armstrong’s music, whether recorded or live, is solid, sincere and roots-conscious. Her constant companion and musical partner Steve Hughes spices up the proceedings with fine harmonica and flute work. If you haven’t caught her act (check-out her blazing bottle-neck guitar work), you’re way behind the times in keeping up with the Texas blues scene. -Austin American Statesman

Ann Armstrong is right up there with the great musical exports of Texas! She plays guitar sometimes sweetly, sometimes prickly as an Ocotillo cactus, sings like a steam-powered nightingale and writes songs from a depth of experience. Ann Armstrong and multi-instrumentalist Steve Hughes deliver a delectable mixture of Folk, Americana and Blues, from classic covers like Robert Johnson's 'Come Into My Kitchen' to Armstrong's own gorgeous classic, 'Think About the Rain'. They have, through the years, shared billings with Albert Collins, Jerry Jeff Walker, Hot Tuna, Arlo Guthrie, Guy Clark, Taj Mahal, Bobby 'Blue' Bland, Richard Thompson and many more.

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Folk music about dysfunctional people who need to get their lives together


Vultures was well over a year in the making. All of the writing, recording, mixing, and mastering was done in college dorm rooms, soundproof closets, and by a lovely window overlooking a park.

Vultures is an album about running away with someone you think you love, and figuring out what that really means.

Clawhammer banjo and guitar.


chilis Saturday, February 29 at 8PM chilis

Celebrate LEAP DAY at the AllGood Cafe!


In 2018, with four albums under his belt and thousands of shows behind him, Texas singer-songwriter-guitarist Cas Haley was dividing his time between touring and spending time with his wife and kids on his Texas farm. He'd grown up immersed in ska/punk/skateboard culture and the classic reggae-pop of bands like UB40 and Sublime. He'd long since absorbed the hard-knock lessons of his runner-up finish on an early season of America's Got Talent. He'd worked with indie reggae label Easy Star Records, made other fruitful collaborations, and shared stages with the likes of UB40, Nahko and Medicine for the People, and Trevor Hall. All along, he'd gone his own independent way, building an enviable career on the road and in the studio.

Then came the jolt. His wife, Cassy, had a dangerous form of breast cancer. Surgery and chemo were in the cards. Suddenly life seemed a much darker place.

But writing together with Cassy, who was discovering a new strain of creativity as a songwriter, proved to be a big part of the family's journey back to health. The lyrics to "Open Eyes," which became the new album's lead single, popped into Cas's head while they were driving to a follow-up appointment after Cassy's surgery: "Confusion laid its claim on me/Open eyes but still can't see." The aptly named new album Lessons and Blessings comes out June 21, 2019 on Jimmy Buffett's label Mailboat Records.

8PM  ―  Advance tickets $25 at Prekindle

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After arriving in Texas' wide prairies six years ago, California native Karyna Micaela, who earned her bachelor’s degree in jazz studies, inherited the rich troubadour spirit that is tradition in this part of the country, transforming her into a more vibrant storyteller. The result is a blend of pop, jazz and soul that reflects an emotional journey to which listeners can intimately relate.

“So many things have happened to me that I never expected. I’ve met incredible people. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve had my heart broken. All these things have taught me what it truly means to be human. I’ve come to realize that every day is a surprise.”


chilis Saturday, March 7 at 8PM chilis

The One and Only King of Dieselbilly !!!



"Bill Kirchen rules. It's just that simple. [His] no-nonsense diesel guitar attack, powered by great booming, bottom-heavy licks still covered with axle grease, is undoubtedly the real thing, scattering scorching guitar runs in all directions, it's all immediate, in your face and more than a little dangerous.” Austin American-Statesman

Grammy-nominated guitarist, singer, and songwriter Bill Kirchen first gained national recognition as a founding member of the original “Americana” group Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen. His trademark guitar licks drove their “Hot Rod Lincoln” into the Top Ten in 1972. His latest recording “Transatlanticana” hit the Top 10 on the Americana Radio chart, staying in the Top 40 for 5 months.

Truly the Master of the Telecaster, BILL KIRCHEN, known for his years with the Bay Area-based Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, played the now-famous licks on hits such as Hot Rod Lincoln, Too Much Fun and The Seeds and Stems Blues is going to rock and roll your heart and soul. One of the nicest guys on the planet is also one of Earth's best guitarists, and you can see for yourself!

Bill has released 11 CDs under his own name, and recorded and/or played guitar live with a who's who of Americana and Rock 'N' Roll, among them, Gene Vincent, Link Wray, Bo Diddley, Hazel Dickens, Doug Sahm, Hoyt Axton, Emmylou Harris, Maria Muldaur, Dan Hicks, Steve Earle, Redd Volkaert, Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello.

Bill may be the only person to have, in a single year, stood on stage and played with both Ralph Stanley and Elvis Costello.He has spoken at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC as part of the “Electrified, Amplified and Deified - The Electric Guitar” exhibition and also at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. He was interviewed on the national TV special “Yesterday and Today: Honky Tonk & Western Swing” at the Broken Spoke in Austin, TX, where he performed along with Hank Thompson and Doug Sahm. Bill currently finds time to teach workshops at Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch in Pomeroy, OH.

This could very well be the best guitarist in the country, on the planet ... certainly in my World. Do yourself a favor and SAVE THIS DATE on your calendar.

8PM ― $20

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Smith/McKay All Day - two man band that's as full as a 4 piece. Ex-Gourds co-frontman Jimmy Smith and bluesman Pat McKay drum stomp, guitar bang and vocal old Gourds, HardPans, Slo-Red faves and whatever's on the Smitty madness menu this week.

Jimmy Smith is best known for his two decades performing with famed Austin, TX alt-country outfit, THE GOURDS, as one of the two principal songwriters and bass player. Alongside Kevin "Shinyribs" Russell, Max Johnston (formerly of Wilco), Claude Bernard and Keith Langford, the band relentlessly toured the country, playing every festival stage imaginable and recording with the likes of Doug Sahm and long-time Bob Dylan sideman, Larry Campbell. Though The Gourds' days as a band came to an end in 2013, Jimmy has continued playing music as The Hard Pans, the Jimmy Smith System and most recently as a power duo in Smith-McKay All Day with Montana blues fixture, Pat McKay. He currently resides in Missoula, MT, longtime 2nd home to The Gourds.


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